Monitoring knows that in today’s online world, time is money. When your online presence is down, your business is being affected. Let put your mind at ease by letting us monitor your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. minimizes your downtime by alerting you to problems with your site using a 5 minute polling rate (1 minute polling rate available upon request). Many network monitors poll at rates from 10 minutes to 4 hours, but by the time you were alerted to any problems, your clients and customers already know its down.

Our complete set of monitoring tools allow you to verify ports are up, content is correct, server processes are responding as they should, bandwidth is being utilized correctly, and routers are accessible with no latency or packet loss. No other network monitoring company can beat prices with this type of service.

Companies needing our services are not limited to ISP’s, ASP’s, or co-location providers. Any company or individual paying for hosting (be it virtual hosting or co-location) has a site that needs to be available at all times. Using a monitoring service allows you to verify you are getting the level of service that was guaranteed to you by your hosting provider. With the use of the reporting system, you will be able to verify your hosting provider is holding up their end of the contract.

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Monitoring Services

HostGuardian verifies ports are open on a specific host.

ContentGuardian scans the content of a specific URL, and verifies it contains certain keywords. Page download time is also analyzed against a threshold set by the user. If the page takes longer than the set threshold, an alert is sent. If the URL given is a form, ContentGuardian can also verify web-based forms by sending field/value pairs to the given URL and verify the page returned contains your keywords.

ProcessGuardian checks the reply to a service request, and verifies it is giving the proper response.

BandwidthGuardian gathers bandwidth usage data from your SNMP-enabled devices, and verifies that it is not using more than the maximum threshold.

RouterGuardian verifies the router/host is not experiencing latency or packet loss.

OpenGuardian allows you to take monitoring to the next level. Point OpenGuardian to any CGI script that reports a value, and OpenGuardian will check that value against thresholds that you configure in the toolset. You can specify either a minimum value, maximum value, or both. This allows you to monitor anything. Mail queues, hard drive usage, CPU utiliziation. The possibilities are endless.

GuardianMonitor is a dynamic page that displays HostGuardian, ContentGuardian, ProcessGuardian, and RouterGuardian entries with their current status. This allows on-call staff to immediately respond to a problem without waiting for a notification.

Any failure on Guardian entries will result in a notification to an email address, and an alert to an alpha-numeric pager or SMS capable mobile phone (phone must have an email address). Alerts can also be sent to an AIM screen name. Multiple contact entries are available with every account.

Summary and specific entry reports are available for every account.

Provided to every account are tools that will assist in troubleshooting problems, establishing which ports are available to monitor, and check current network conditions.